I'm a Sh*tty friend & Prob I'll Die Alone... But I'm OK With This (Pt.1/3)

Before I went to sleep last night, I saw one of those FB notifications from a contact that shows how long two people on the social media platform have been friends for. I knew them both, but one of them, I used to call a best friend. I haven't talked to him for YEARS. What happened? But first... let me be clear out some things before you get the wrong idea: Do I care much? No. Do I miss him? Neither. Wanna start talking to him again? Not really. Am I a sh+tty person and gonna die alone? Most problably. And before you start putting me in your douchebag list let me explain. Hopefully I will clean my name. Look, I KNOW I am a terrible, terrible friend to have... Not because I do bad things to you, drain your energy, insult you or by any means take advantage of you. No. I don't do that... In fact, if you do that, you're an *sshole. Thank you, next. I am a horrible friend because I really suck at maintaining contact and interest. I will not call you to have a small talk, I won&#…

Proyecto DIY o ¿Cómo hacer tu propio collar con tela reciclada? (Galería)

¿Déjenme escuchar una ovación por mi primer post en español? Bueno, tal vez exagero un poco y tengo delirios de grandeza; o como le decimos de donde vengo: "megalomania obigatoria para postulación presidencial".

De todas formas ya hacía tiempo que venía pensando en hacer una entrada sobre un proyecto DIY (do it yourself) ya que, si corro con la suerte de que sean resguidores, saben que soy una crafter aficionada y autodidacta. Pero ya basta de ostentar vocabulario superfluo y vamos a ponernos manos a la obra.

Preparen sus pantallas y siéntense en una posición cómoda, porque vienen un viaje de fotos explicativas... o al menos eso procuré.

Tutorial para hacer un collar de tela (trapillo) con material reciclado:

Te alegrará saber que no te vengo a enseñar el collar habitual de tela o trapillo, siempre he preferido hacer creaciones diferentes; Por lo cual este modelo está compuesto por rosetones o medallones de tela. Y muchos calambres en las manos; o como se conoce…

Reality shock: Why I didn't cry at my mother's funeral (Spoiler: I'm not evil, I swear)

Before you feel offended! I loved my mother more than my life. She was my best friend and as I grew up I always wanted to be like her.

Paradoxically, I didn't cry because all the love. Or that's what I believe.
Yes, like all mothers she used to get into my nerves but all because she would, also, give her life for me and wanted me to be the best version of a human being I could possibly developt into. I owe her everything.

I was happy. My big latino family was happy; until one day almost five years ago a phone call would change my little nebula, and everybody's around it.

I was alone at work, and someone call me saying my mom was in some sort of "accident" and I needed to get to the airport. She was working in another city at the time. I called my aunts, they were also on their way, so instead I headed home first to get a suitcase with the basics and then I'd get a cab to the airport.

On the way home I was serene, I wasn't worried, all could repea…

7 Reasons why Ben Affleck is a hell of a good Batman (if not the best)

Now, let me tell you something, there are some reasons out there of why people in general hate Ben Affleck regardless making the Batman/Bruce Wayne character and I can’t find a solid good one to tell me: "Hey, that's it".

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not a huge Ben Affleck fan, haven’t seen Gone Girl, wich is apparently one of his best recent performances; nor even ever watched Good Will Hunting wich grant him an Oscar award. But I did loved The Accountant and, on the other hand, definitely greatly disliked -not to say hate- Daredevil.

Photo: Rock&Pop

And before you continue reading, let’s get one thing straight, I do think Affleck is a great Batman, and you might or might not continue reading after this statement, but if you do choose to stay, just let me tell you why.

First of all, there are two main reasons I could gathered why Batman fans don’t quite see Affleck as the Dark Knight. One has to do with the reincarnation of our superhero in the flesh of Christia…

Hello there, folks

This is my presentation post on my other blog... in case you want to check it out: it's about me!

Apparently I have failed in making an important step in the Steemit community: Introducing myself. Mistake that I'm ready to overcome right now.

Of course, as half of the world population I do love to talk about myself; in fact I tend to have long conversations inside my mind and, obviously, I have practice my Oscar speech for best script ... A LOT of times. But the truths about talking and writing about one self are quite different. Somehow, writing is much more compromising, more deep and more personal.

What to say? What to write not to look like a complete shallow human being? Oh, gawd... I heven't done anything specially important for the world even that I'd love to co-write my autorized biography alongside Bret Easton Ellis or Elizabeth Wurtzel.

Nevertheless, I'll be straight and keep it simple by just saying 7 facts about me... seven stuff top of m…