Mostrando entradas de marzo 15, 2011

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Doing some work

Now I started to make the huge musical notes to decorate the room where my cousin is having his sweet 15 birthday party. I’m a little confused about this whole thing, first of all there are gonna be balloons and musical notes in the walls, the center pieces of the tables are going to be fish bowls with actual fishes in them, the souvenirs are going to be colorful bracelets watches… and I don’t even know how this whole thing is going to keep togeteher.

I don’t really think it’s gonna look good, there are too many different things going on; but every time I try to tell something they get mad and yell at me saying that I don’t like ANYTHING so I guess I shouldn’t even give my opinion. In the meanwhile everybody keeps buying things for the party… last thing I saw was some plastic fishes O.O WTF

I got some notes done and put some gel glitter on top because I have no idea what to do with them. I'm getting some more done by tomorrow. I think I have to buy black papper because they only got…