Mostrando entradas de enero 24, 2013


Yester day I went to a dinner party with my classmates. We were celebrationg that we are practically done with Uni. So we we hung out togeteher like growing up people to a pricey restaurant… where my unemployed ass got hurt.
Sadly we went to get fancy pizza; but because of my galbladder problems I couldn't have any, so I ordered noodles with a ridiculous amount of mushrooms. It was so damn good and so damn expensive.

I really couldn't have say no... having dinner with your last group of classmates from uni it's not going to happen again (So I really didn't mind spending the little money I had left from my last job) I am so glad they're really cool kids and took me in just fine.

This dinner-out celebration was an idea of our Investigation Journalism teacher... a really weird lady, but she was fun... and gossiper. I found out lots of things about some other teachers...
And amazingly, there were a lot of guys in the class, usually is the other way around; and they&#…