Mostrando entradas de marzo 10, 2013

recap entries

Now that I am in a evidentlly good mood (because of recent political events in my country) I shall relate the few unimportant things I have done lately. 
 A day after the announcement of the president’s death I baked all day long while I watched the whole pitifull procession on TV. I figured it was going to be long and tedious as it was. In the meantime I must have baked something closed to a hundred cupcakes, I made plain vanllla for the complainers, pretzel flavored for my brother, vanilla and cream cheese frosting ones with rainbow sprinkles for the kids, lemon pie ones with flamed whip for my uncles, and mocachhino with chocolate ganache ones for mi aunts. They didn’t lasted 24 hours… the day after I baked it there were none left.

Only my brother must have had eaten half haha. That makes me happy, not gonna lie. They turned ut so cute and all.

Today was my grandmother’s 83rd birthday. So I arranged her this huge basket full with (healthy) snaks… well, there were a few chocolate…