Mostrando entradas de marzo 11, 2012

This weekend's treats

This last Friday I got to hung out with some friends to get wasted… as usual. My friend who traveled to Germany gave this liquor that he loves… but wich I loathe completely.
 That same day, I saw HIM, and felt NOTHING. You gotta be happy for me. IN fact I had this feeling that he was staring at me way too much... but now you have your girlfriend and it's too late buddy. Maybe it was my ovre autoestime working, but it felt damn good.

My back haven’t been so good lately. So I had to take off my shoes at my friend’s. This is one big issie for me because I don’t let anybody see my feet. No particular reason, I just don’t. So he gave me his crocs… and I had to wear them because no other shoe of him would fit me. A little part of my soul died in that moment.

Then on Saturday my grandmother, mama, turned 82 years old. The family, including myself, had to celebrate by drinking of course. OF COURSE.

There is NOTHING better than drinking with the family.

Also this weekend my aunt got …