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No nails... I removed my fabulous long and plastic nails, now I have man hands and still a hole in my chest. I feel deeply depressed and unxplicably annoyed.

Well, that was a violent reaction

Remember I took my cleavege piercing off on Wednesday? Well, my body did not agree with my decision so in two days a swallen granuloma grew and this evening it exploted in a very painfull rain of pus and blood... it wasn't very nice what the doctor did to me with some scissors, tweezers and metal sticks without anestesia. Thank you very much.

Awwww you

I just found this in my wallt. This is the kind of sweet things @lovllemon does <3

I don't know if I should be sad or relieve

Good bye cleavage piercing. Tho I will miss you, you were a terrible bitching pain in the ass and I had you for too long… Too damn long. Now I just hope you didn’t cause me permanents damages. My chest hurts… Litterally.

This must be how people see me…

But this is how I see myslef... with ridiculous and unsustainable high self steem. I am so fabulous.

I can talk Washington too

Last week I finished my english course. Sorry I haven’t been able to post this before, but I’ve been working like crazy. The way home on the subway leaves me nearly dead. So when I get home, I eat, barely reblog and them get to bed. 

 I’m gonna miss these weirdos. But the classes… not so much.

Child's play

Have I mentioned my mother’s shopping addiction? Well, today’s children’s day and she bought me this, not because she thinks I’m childish. Oh, no! Shopping makes her happy… And I couldn’t care less while she keeps giving me things.

Also, my cousin’s wife got me this bento box (?) for no reason… It’s lovely and too damn huhge!

Wedding march for a bullet

Went to my first wedding yesterday. There was a chocolate in our table telling us where to sit. This detail was kinda cute because the bride is a nutricionist, and the chocolate had nutricional info like 100% love… I don’t know. This was original y suppose.

Went with my aunt. The wedding was supossed to start at 2:00 p.m. but it really begun two hours later. Of course I spent my money in my new dress and in my hair… of course.

I forgot to take a proper picture of me in my new dress. Oh, well… but I got to wear my 15 cm high heels, yay! Amazingly, my back didn’t hurt at all.

Apparently, those people tried to do a different wedding. By example, there was no cake, but cupcakes that looked like little wedding cakes. And the little broom and bride were rather unusual too: the groom was tied up and the bride had a scissor cutting the man’s hair. This was so because the bride cuts her husbands hair regularly… what I don’t know is if it’s by force. 

 If you ask me, there was no grace or taste…

I'm poor again

Of course I'm spending my money like crazy! I just spent half my paychech in a little more than a week! I really need help! But I keep ordering things like these, a purple glittery eye liner and a pair of glosses... I really have to stop.

 And my diet is a mess! I cant stop eating! When I'm at work I get so fucking hungry I can't help myself... 

Then I bougth a little present or my friend's birthday... and then I bougth a necklace and some earings for a wedding I have to attend this weekend. I have issues...

By the way, I have to go to a wedding this Saturday and I have no dress... So I went to a plus size shop because I'm not really in the mood to walk all over the city in the hopes of finding something that barely fits me. So I had to pay pretty penny... but it's ok because I kinda expected it (and was prepared).

Because the bride forbided me to dress in black I had to try on some other colors. There wasn't a big quantity of variety but at least I foun…

Progress fair

Went to the Progrss Fair today, A fair to get funds for the electoral campaing. It was ok... my favorite stand, of course was the cake and sweets table!

And I got myslef a pair of earings!... and spent the rest of my money buying an expensive hand purse to my cousing. I really need a shrink.

Mom got publidshed in a government magazine (ugh!)

But still is a magazine! so, yay!


This is happening to me right now. Thank gawd I have my onw private doctor at home (my uncle who lives with me). 

The thing is, once every two months or so since the last year, I get this pain just behind my ribs, and it extends to my diafragma and my dorsal back. Now I’ve had have it two days in a row very late at noght. That’s why I needed a pain killer. Now, my uncle guess it’s a muscular thing; but from what I’ve read it’s most likely a stomach ulcer. Sometimes I feel like throwing up but he says it’s because of the medication… I don’t know. The weird thing is that the pain is so sporadic, and I don’t really eat badly or heavily… So I’ll have to consider it could be emotional or caussed by stress. Fuck my life.

Caracas típica

Last night I went to one of my brother's gig: a big success as usual. They played for more than an hour, so they were dead afterwards. The band in the pic is Anxurth, a goth black metal band... it's not really my thing, and the guy is not really handsome at all. But seeing him changing his voice (alike Dimmu Borgir) makes him so damn sexy. I have issues... 

 Also, the club gave some crackers and a bottle of cheap scotch to the band; and said they couldn't share it with the groupies (like myself)... So I ate all the crackers; but didn't touch that bottle because I really appreciate my life.