Mostrando entradas de abril 8, 2012


Yesterday I went to a Friend's house to hang out. We were talking how my brother has changed, when everybody met him he was like Buddah, and now, some years later he's like that hindi god but with a computer keyboard on his lap. The funny thing's that everybody mnissed my old brother, he was a drunk, very unhealthy, bad student... I don't know what's wrong with humanity.

Anyhow, my friend was a complete dear to me, he made me tea, gave me lots of food, and the he prepared some green brevarage, of a very nice taste by the way, that I'm still trying to figure out what was made of.

Then some other friends of him arrived and we played Risk… me for the first time.

It was a good evening... despite the fact that the house is owned by two little smelly old dogs and the entire living and dinning room are dreadfully decorated and over popullated with taky little sculptures with absoliutelly relantion between eachother. As an example of it, this huge piece int he middle…