Mostrando entradas de noviembre, 2012

I keep the singer well fed, protect her from the sun and make great company. Am I a great manager or what?


Diamond me

Just playing with my aun’t iPad. She left it here and I haven’t even tell her that she forgot it at my place. You know how I love kaleidoscopes.

The flying crow through the shattered glass

The next Sunday I had to work too! The lead singer of the band, Verónica, was invited to be the model of November in a calendar called Voices 2012, with only female singers of venezuelan metal/rock bands. The Rev Creative is the agency that came up with the project. And I had to go one more time with Verónica, because after all she's representing the band. They are so professional, unlike anything in this country.

We were just a few and they still gave a wrist band to identify me as a guest in the shoot. They even gave Verónica a souvenir for helping them, so thoughfull. (I'm used to get nothing, those who are in the production thing or behind the camera rarely get anything).

It was a fine day I supossed. That's me with Verónica, the art director, Kike and then with, for that time, the photographer Roberto.


Remember I'm the new manager of my brother's band? Well, we had our first photo shoot last Saturday. It went pretty well... but the pictures not so good from what I had peeked. We really have to stop taking free things... or services anyhow.

Oh, so you really hated me?

Remember I got expelled from college because I couldn't pass one subject with this one teacher? Now that I'm back with another professor I scored 19/20 in the first big test. Well... how about that? I don't know If I'm happy or mad.

"Meet me rigth now at the other side of the city" she said

Have I mentioned the fact that I love making interviews. and it's not only the nice places I go to meet people, and the yummy food I get to eat... but also the fantastic characters I get to know of course. 

 (I really have to stop doing that, I'm su huge my back's gonna crack up again.)

Lunch with the "friends"

You know how I love the food meeting with old friends. Ok, it wasn't that bad, but still was a little forced. I gathered with some former job partners. We arrived, ate, and left. Chat a little in the meantime.


My laptop fell apart. Literally. Now I have no computer of my own… and I won’t for a long while, I’d have to get a job first. For now, my aunt gave me her laptop. It’s not great but at least it’s something.