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Rock evening

Last week my cosin's wife wrote to me saying that in the school of my little cousing there was going to be a concert of the Sinfonic Rock Orchestra of the Simón Bolívar Conservatoire; and asked me if I wanted to go. 

I thought why not... I felt trully as a lover of music since I didn't know anybody there: nor the musicians, nor the attendants. I am used to know at least some band members of the gigs I go to.

I went with my brother because he likes almost that kind of music as I do. I thought he wouldn't like to go because he's been hooked on online games lately; that so he doesn't even leave the house anymore. The show was amazing, that little orchestra is the leaving proof there is so much talent in this country. 

The only thing I could say I didn't like that much was some of the kids singing... no ofense, but no rock voices what so ever. For the rest, they were amazing, I had a really good time. 

They played: 
 Eye of the tiger - Survivor With a little he…