Mostrando entradas de marzo 27, 2011

Another dream! Yayyy!!

A couple weeks ago I had a dream, and last nigth I had another. This is a great thing because I don’t get to dream much.
So, it was something like this: I was in some place I knew (I didn’t really knew it) to get a tattoo. So I got two tattoos in my fingers: I remember that one of them was the M of Metallica; but I don’t remember what was the other one about. After I got my tattoos y hid them with rings because I didn’t want my family finding out. After a while my tattoos started to disapear because of the rings… So, that was all about the tatoos.

Then I was in my neighbohood and there were a lot of people on the streets. I found my brother in front of my house and he was taking a hot meal to some girl. I invited him to party but he said I had to go with him first to buy toperware to keep the meal hot. So we went to a store where he bougth a lunchbox and he gave it tome. Suddenly the girl arrived and he didn’t even saw me again because he was to busy with the girl. I felt kinda sad so …

Caramel pop fucking corn

I just came from watching Unknown with Liam Neeson, and the best thing of everything (even better than Liam Neeson) is that I got to eat caramel popcorn!!! I haven’t eaten those in years!!! OMG they’re my favorites!!! I had to! I love them!

And I got to bu this cute lizard bracelet! I really love it.

And this key too! t’s not as pretty as the last one, but I wanted a key anyway.