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He sido víctima de la indolencia

He sido víctima de la indolencia. Como miles de personas en este país que me parió de sus entrañas, me contagié de la enfermedad más común en tierras venezolanas. Es progresiva y no tiene cura; la indolencia depende de cuán expuesto uno esté a la realidad nacional, de cuánto tiempo ves las noticias en canales de señal abierta, cuántas veces lees el periódico (y cuánta prensa lees), cuántas veces caminas por la calle sin audífonos y escuchas a las otras personas hablar sobre a quién le robaron el celular, a quién secuestraron, y a cuántos mataron en el barrio.
Pero la indolencia no se aparece sola, sino que previamente desarrolla en nosotros la indiferencia y la apatía, hasta que somos, al final, completamente incapaces de sentir algo por un fenómeno que sucede con una continuidad extraordinaria. ¿Cómo no podemos abandonar la indignación en una ciudad que pierde 15 vidas humanas diarias de manera violenta? Al final, ya no nos importa, nos ponemos en modo que nos resbale.
Yo solo sabía…

#FML... again

Goodbye neck piercing, I hurt myself real bad, it’s quite sore and red now gotta wear a bandaid til it heals… great.

A birthday

Yesterday was my coworker's birthday... So I got her balloon, Hello Kity decoration, a present (a Hello Kitty bento box), candy, her favorite chocolate drink and a cake. If it wasn't for me in this goddamned office, everything would be gray, sad and boring. Cheap bastards.

Daidalos new logo

Photography: María López (Bloody Mary, Daidalos’ violin) landscapes from Russia
Logo: Robert Rasic

Oh, bugger

Mostly I'm ok, but suddenly I start having this attacks/episodes where my muscles start twitching and my hearth beats like crazy (bat shit crazy)... and all I want to do is yell out loud. But obviously I can't (still sane enough to know that much). It's just so patetic to be an adult with this kind of issues, ya' know, when you're a teenager it's another thing... even a kind of romantic Sophia-Copolla kind of thing.
There's was a point in my life, still being a poor and lost teenager, where I just took for granted that every single problem in my head was gonna be taken care of and solved (magically I guess) by the time I was a respectable and responsable adult. But know that I'm a sort of repectable and sometimes responsible adult, I still have the same problems. Now that I might have a little more experience from life I can actually acknowledge them (my issues, I mean)... just to find that they're still inside my brain for no reason and maybe I sh…

Doing it for the FAME

I remember readin' somewhere that Fame, Lady Gaga's first fragance, was the first black(ish) coloresd perfume ever. But then I remember Having this little Nina Ricci's little apple... wich liquid is also black; and I hate -I HATE- to say this but they kinda smell alike.

Just saying... couldn't hepl noticing *sigh*

This is what I do when I'm at work

Why haven't they fired me yet?
Mind me... I'm like really obsessed with lipstick lately. Bought a bunch and now I have no money... again... You know what they say: I can't pay my rent but I'm fucking Gorgeous. Right?

Do you think I have too many necklaces?

Is there even anything like "too many necklaces"? I'm gonna need something cool to hang them up, because I can't look myself in the mirror anymore. I wish I'll find something like one of those fake silouettes deer heads... uh, that would be cool.

My co-worker has the best umbrella ever on earth

It's from Cloudy with a chance of meatballs, so everytime she looks up in a rainy day, it would be raining burgers! Yay!

Long time no see

My friend and I went out to have something to drink and catch up, and of course we look damn gorgeous while doing it,


Some long time ago this friend went out on a trip to Argentina. I was saying goodbye to her and wishing her a good trip when it just came to mind to ask her for something argentinian as an alfajor. I really didn't mean it; but after she came back, she did get me the cookie. It was so sweet and it was so good. It's really nice when someone remembers about you when is away.
I just remember that when I saw this old picture of the alfajor. It would be nice to feel that again.

That's all

Got a new darkz necklace. I just think it’s really cool… that’s all.

My wendigos

Remember I said I had a minor obsession with Hannibal and I’ve been getting deer stuff?… Well, I migth just have fallen into a sort of addiction… these are to damn big that I’m not even gonna wear them… ever… and still bought them.

And well... there're so many things in my life I need help with.


Last time I was trying to take a “cool" selfie… but I always look sad or mad. I don’t know why.