Mostrando entradas de abril 23, 2010

My day

De acuerdo, no es traumático… pero me salió en el ojo una gotita de sangre y NO SÉ POR QUÉ… me arde… odiaría que me quedara esa marca ahí por siempre… meh…

Esta joyita me la encontré en el salón de clases hoy. Un tipo llamado Ricardo usa mocasines sin medias… él es epítome del glamour… chico, pero tu has visto?!

This is the teacher that keeps staring at me while he’s giving us class… today I got to take his picture… I doesn’t matter where I sit. He just walks towards me and looks me like I’m the only one at class…
That’s just fucking weird.

When I got home, I watched Sex and the city the movie in the living room with my aunts while I had dinner… that was just priceless.

I love me

So… that’s me. I’m posting this because I just saw a picture that made me sick. It was the torso of a girl and it was just bones… ribbs… I don’t understand how a girl would ever think that looking like that it’s something perfectly fine.
I just ate a burger and got some chips in my purse because I LOVE TO EAT. I love food, I honestly do. But the most important thing of all it’s that I love myself… yes, I am a depressive, fucked up little bitch; but I know I love being me.
Of course there’s a couple of thigs I would like to change about my body, but that doesn’t mean I’ll starve myself to death in order to be skinny. I would never do that.
I love my huge rack, my big butt, my fat arms, my meaty tights. I am a 6 foot and 200 pounds (or so) hot bitch and I WORK IT.
For fuck’s sake woman, Love yourself! You are fabulous the way you are!

47. Christina Hendricks

Mi 50 sexiest (or whatever it’s called) list in no particular order:

47. Christina Hendricks.

I mean, this WOMAN is fucking HOT. I so love because she kinda soow me to love myslef to… her curves are the way the way to heaven, they had to be. She is definetly the definition of a beautiful woman.