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Oh, bugger

Mostly I'm ok, but suddenly I start having this attacks/episodes where my muscles start twitching and my hearth beats like crazy (bat shit crazy)... and all I want to do is yell out loud. But obviously I can't (still sane enough to know that much). It's just so patetic to be an adult with this kind of issues, ya' know, when you're a teenager it's another thing... even a kind of romantic Sophia-Copolla kind of thing.
There's was a point in my life, still being a poor and lost teenager, where I just took for granted that every single problem in my head was gonna be taken care of and solved (magically I guess) by the time I was a respectable and responsable adult. But know that I'm a sort of repectable and sometimes responsible adult, I still have the same problems. Now that I might have a little more experience from life I can actually acknowledge them (my issues, I mean)... just to find that they're still inside my brain for no reason and maybe I sh…