Mostrando entradas de abril, 2012

Roses are red

Look what I did today! I made three huge flowers from left over fabric and glued them together in an old plastic comb and add some green marvels. Not bad, huh?!

Oh, mind the mess… it’s really a huge head piece for me since I never wear anything in my hair ir on my head. But toay I felt brave so I wore to go to class. I like it…

I might wear it tomorrow again.

New recipe

Today I tried, more like made up a recipe for integral low fat granola cupcales. Or at least that's how I call them. I used light ingredients like integral flour, ligth butter, uncreamed milk, and Spelnda... Oh, and only the whites of the egsg.

I did felt the mixture a little heavy, but I didn't think it was going to be much of a problem because I add more milk and extra baking powder.

But they did turned out very compact, and I really didn't like the taste. They tasted like Special K.

Mirror,mirror on the wall

Went to the movies and watched Tarsen’s Mirror Mirror. Oh, Tarsen… how I love you, you excentric hindi old man… specially after that final musical bollywood-like secuence of Snow White’s wedding.

And I got new flats! Yay!

What about nothing

My brother’s out! Watching tv til dawn again! Because these are my wild Friday nights…


I have a giant glass full with passion fruit juice, and I’m gonna drink it even tho my tongue is cracked everywhere… so I’m off for a while to play the Sims Social or something.


So last Sunday we were invited by Diego to this club to celebrate his birthday. We hung out in the pool almost all day. Remember when I used to take swiming lessons but I really never knew if I could in fact swim because the water level was no much more over my chin? Well, now I know I can really swim! This pool was ridiculously deep and I didn’t drown ha-ha in fact I swan free style for a while. 

 Now I am soooo tan and my shoulders and face are red and stain even that I applied sun block like a maniac. We had a good time!

As usual I spent all my money in food (actually my brother and I spend all our money in taxy cabs because we live so into the west of the city that everything is so far way from home, the subway doesn’t get everywhere, and the city is very dangerous at night) but it was money well spent because I was so full and happy. 

 Then we went to play bowling, I didn’t played because I was really tired but watch my friends play is as fun as actually playing. The weird thin…

The darkest hour

Last Saturday I went to the movies with my mom, there’s been a while since we don’t hang out and chat. But I was really unconfortable to be the two of us just sitting there in silence until the movie started. The relationship with my mother is getting sadder everytime… 

I don’t really think she likes to get home and see me there, I mean… I don’t, I aviod my mom as much as possible. And I really can’t find a job so I can move out or whatever… somethimes I’m really desperate.

Anyhow, To cheer my self up from that dreadfull evening I got two new rings and this pendant that looks like a little mirror, it reminded me a little bit to Sailor Moon or something.

Also I got myself some books, it’s been a while sine I don’t own a real book, so I’m very happy that I have something to read while I’m on the subway now- I got the Necronomicon and The Lost Symbol, and it’s in english so I’m double happy!

I also got another Necronomicon for a friend whose birthday was last Sunday, and a box with th…

I don’t feel very well, Just threw up… so green lips seemed apropiated

I like my face too much…  but is it wrooooong?

This is why I'm single.

Made an evil black bunny for a friend whose birthday is on Sunday

I just hope it doesn't take live at night. I hate it when they do that.

Forever hungry

On Sunday I hung with some friends again, they were composing new songs for their band. That didn't work out very well, they blame it to writer's block. I say we can't be all together int he same room if we wanna make something serious. 

 Anyhow, in the hopes to get some inspiration we went to the mall and guess what... we ate another cinnamon roll. Oh, dear. It's like seeing my friends makes me forever hungry.

When we got to my friend's home again, her little sister made me an origami boex flower. What a sweeatheart. It was kinda falling apart, but she was so sweet and all that I have to show myself over excited and thankfull. What a lovely little girl.

I'm so sorry if I'm a apathical bitch but now what am I supposed to do with this...

For the rest of the nigth I was supposed to be writing the lyrics, but as when didn't even had music, I just draw them in chibi instead. I wonder if he has find out the sketches in his notebook by now. Something tells m…

Oh, bro

On Saturday I went with my brother and some friends to the movies to watch The Hunger Games, I kinda like it but expected much more... My brother bought us cinnamon rolls! Yay! That day I ate a strawberry sundae, the cinnamon, caramel popcorn, a giant cup of iced tea and had dinne when I got home. Now I really have to work out, for real... i have gained a lot of weight and I'm not supposed to because of my back surgery. I have made such a mess with my diet lately.

Cookie convention

Did I mentioned that we, silly heads, had a Cookie Lovers Convention today in class? Well, we did. And I made this cool "Welcome convencionist" poster.

We had our little convention because we're silly and proud... and terribly hungry most of the time too. Aren't we gorgeous?

(Devil hoooooorns! Fuck yeah!)

I was supossed to bake some cookies for the convention. I was baking chocolate chip cookies but two days ago a construction neraby broke some water plumbing and we've been without clean water since them. So, obviously I couldn't bake, I could barely eat. I really can't bealieve I couldn't find where to buy some not-boxed chocolate chip cookies.

I was really amazed and dissapointed, so I gad to buy these diet-fibre one that tasted really weird... like dirt. Another guy gave us giant Subway cookies wich were my favorite.

Anyhow, I still had to explain how to bake my cookies, so I did it with this lovely sketches because I'm that awesome.

And as al…