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I have my invitation for our graduation toast!



Yester day I went to a dinner party with my classmates. We were celebrationg that we are practically done with Uni. So we we hung out togeteher like growing up people to a pricey restaurant… where my unemployed ass got hurt.
Sadly we went to get fancy pizza; but because of my galbladder problems I couldn't have any, so I ordered noodles with a ridiculous amount of mushrooms. It was so damn good and so damn expensive.

I really couldn't have say no... having dinner with your last group of classmates from uni it's not going to happen again (So I really didn't mind spending the little money I had left from my last job) I am so glad they're really cool kids and took me in just fine.

This dinner-out celebration was an idea of our Investigation Journalism teacher... a really weird lady, but she was fun... and gossiper. I found out lots of things about some other teachers...
And amazingly, there were a lot of guys in the class, usually is the other way around; and they&#…


Yesterday I had my last test of Uni *happy face**happy face*. I would never have to take another test again (well, sort of). Just then I realized I was practically done with the University. I’m graduating late this year. I was so happy I went to the food fair and bought a big burger and an enormous ice cream. What a way to celebrate.

This was my class this semester. They're cool kids, I really like them. It was nice arriving to the University after two years and finding this cool classmates.

After that victory lunch I just layed on the grass of the campus garden for the last time while waiting to my next class. It was the last time I was doing that... I used to do it a lot with my friends when we all were at the same University at the beggining of our career studies. Now after all this time... I'm still not fan of lyring on the floor with bugs and dirt; but had to do it one last time.

Day one...or two

Today I went with the guys to their (barely) first day of recording of their EP. It's really exhausting staying inside a studio just recording one instrument out of three songs. 

 And I say barely because I scheduled it to begin this Monday, but that same day the producer passed out on the restroom floor at the studio. Obviously, everything has to be re-sheduled again.

Mom's B-day

Today was mom’s birthday. So I cleaned the house, arranged the dinner table, did laundry and baked her a cake rificulously full with pistachios, almonds, hazelnuts and lots of chocolate. Actually those chocolates are the ones my mother has been hoarding since she got back from Brazil. I wonder if she really has actually the intention of ever eating them... ever.
 She ate almost half cake just by herself… so I pretty much think she liked it.

My mother doesn't like any kind of frosting, so it was a bare nude cake... but then she decided to "decorate" it herself just by throwing some peach pieces on one side... I don't really think she knows the words "decoration", "pretty", "style" or common sense at all.

(Birthday tip: Don't put the candles in the cake when it's still warm... the candles just... well, melt.)

Even that we don't get along half of the time, it just made me happy to make my mother happy... and she was pleased at …

Remember I had a secret Santa from the band?


You are sick before you are sick

I am taking a shit load of medication for my asma again. I've been having too many asma attacks this last month it's ridiculous and dangerous. So my doctor sent me to another doctor to control my crazy lungs so I can have a safe surgery.

My brother got me a new camera for christmas

And what do I do? Shoot stupid and senseless things.

Green trea

I went to visit my best friend and we had tea with cake. We just lifted our pinky finger and drank giggling to each other.


Yesterday I had the secret satan present exchange with the guys from the band. It had to be a gift made almost entirely made by ourselves. So at the new year’s eve party I drank a whole bottle of champagne by myslef (I don’t even like champagne) so I could have the bottle. I decided I was making a lamp out of that bottle and some stolen christmas lights. 

So I draw a bride of Frankestein bust with nail polish (because regular paint seems to peel off the surface of bottles) and glitter. I was kind of complicated for me since I haven’t draw in a long while. But it turned out ok.

I even made the wrapping papper and the bow. I tokk it seriously I guess... It's really easy and a really cool present, I recommend it, you can paint anything (the only thing is that I don't know what kind of propper paint to use... but anywaym nail polish worked just fine).

In the end I really think it turned out quite good… while turned off. When the lights glows it’s like the bride of Frankestein is …

Made a Nutella cake for the picnic with the guys from the band!

We had a picnic and I prepared several activities for them to get to know themselves better. I was disgustingly tasty. Damn you, Nutella!

I just found this

And I’m gonna eat it all by myself.

I just uploaded the new year's eve pictures party pictures to FB, and I look like a pregnant whale; so I primise myself I would to some work out today. But I didn't at all... and now I'm eating these, in the dark, ar midnight. I know I should feel guilty (and kind of sadden by my life) but I will happily eat them anyway. I can always start tomorrow. Right?

Happy new year my lovelies!

I just hope everybody got the arrival of new year just good and well! I’m just chillin’ here drinking with my family and singing some karaoke. Good holydays for me as usual. Just another year to be awesome, yes!