Mostrando entradas de febrero 3, 2013

Party off

On Friday some e classmates did a really weird party to celebrate the end of the semester, and the end of our studies at Uni. It was weirs because there was more strange people in that party than our own classmates.

 Anyhow. Remember I have a galbladder problem… well… I drank whiskey, rum with artificial blueberry juice and Gaterorade, ate a whole bag of chips and japanesse pueanuts. I died. And with that I mean I puke my life out in that poor boy-host bathroom. All over my jeans, my necklaces, the floor, the toilet, his dirty laundry… all over it. I lost all my dignity on that white floor. But of course I tried nobody notice it by cleaning it up, all I had was toilet paper so I hope until this day he doesn’t know I did such a gigantic and embarassing mess. 
 Because of that I mstly believe I have caused myself an ulcer in my stomach because after three days of terrible pain, my belly still stains like hell. I really deserve all that pain after all the disaster I made. This week …