Mostrando entradas de febrero, 2012


I’m six foot tall… so this is how pople must see me on the street… OMG I just had a big glass of coffee smoothie and now I’m hyperactive… I don’t even know what I’m talking about.

Ridiculously excited… I can’t say no to coffee…. why I do this to myself…

The bigger the better

This is me and my ridiculously long fake eyelashes… I just love them. I can barely open my lids when I put them on haha.

Walk, walk fashion baby

This evening went to my friend Stefany's runway show. She's been studyng fashion desing for the last three years; but this is the first time I go to see her desings in the catwalk.

Spent a little time with the friends... nothing's ever gonna be the same I guess...

I was so proud! Stefany is so damn talented! Her desings were amazing. I just have to post pictures of her clothing. I just have to wait for her to post them on Facebook.

I need pictures of the desings! Argh!

I am a loser

This is what I was doing today; being a good girl practicing my cello. But then a dude (like 16 years older rthan me ans hosrter than me) called me to meet and make out, among other things, in his car... I am nver gonna learn *facepalm*

Oh, so pretty

I did my nails and straighten my hair.

Strange bed

Driking again at somebody’s house… I must stop this way of life. For real. I can’t keep doing this. It’s unhealthy. Gotta really think my life trough.

I’m an old fox… I can’t sleep in somebody else’s bed. I need my bed. Everybody here is very hospitalary and gave me a bed to sleep in… And everybody is asleep! And I just can’t close my eyes shut. I am not normal. It’s barely 2:30 and I’ll have to wait until 6:45 am that somedy gets up so I can get out of this house and take a cab home. This is the kind of thing that tells me I’m no longer a young person but an old woman with my own costumes. This sucks.

He's so beautiful I wanna die

Last nigth I watched the last episode of Sherlock and I thought I was dying from a heart attack. I can't handle this man's perfection.

Coctail night

My aunt just invited me to have a coctail party. I’m guessing just the two of us. I don’t spend a lot of time with her so this nite shall be interesting.

 (My mood today is “looking good and feeling gorgeous”, by the way).

First I made daiquiris!

Then my brother made something with vodka and frangelico... Didn't like it at all.

Then he made me "A touch of mint" with Bailey's, Yum!

Then, mimosas and tequila!

Mt brother did enjoyed making us drinks. But I would have to saty with my orange daiquiri... and pizza...

Yes, it was a good evening.

Too much alcohol for only four people.

I really don't know why I didn't get drunk.

This is what mu aunt's husband does when he's druk.

Being in Tumblr from an iPad makes me dizzy. But I need a ficking iPad in my life.

Strawberry daikiri

Just came back from having a drink with some friends. Not a good night.

I am Sherlocked…

And I migth just as well be near a nervous breakdown.

His face... it's just... it's ruining my life *.*

I am seriously in love.

I haven’t show you this!

This is the motherfucking Notre Dame Cathedral on a motherfucking hat. I’m kinda proud.

You know how I hate doing my little’s cousing homework. And this was no exception. But it turn out great!

Yesterday wasn't Friday and I wasn't in love

Just went out with friends to have some dessert for Valentine’s day. and had an oreo milkshake of course.

And then! I got a cheesecake and french fries… So far, I’d have called a good night.

Here with my hommie in Valentine’s day. Forever alone hell yeah!


Wearing a scarf at home so my mom doesn’t see my new piercing in the back of my neck.

 And this is what I did today :D

 And then I got some twistos and cookies! So, this was a great day!

You're kidding me, right?

Now I’m supossed to be doing the Notre Dame cathedral on a hat for one of my little cousin’s school asigments. Kill me now.


On Saturday my cello teacher made me sing the notes while she played it on the piano… now I’m completely mute.

Yes, I did

Yesterday. I am just bitter because no men likes me ever… I really don’t know why. It makes me mad, not sad anymore. So I drank until I threw up.

Graduation day

Today was my friend's graduation. It was nice, I thougth the ceremony was gonna get into my nerves since I had to had my degree more than a year ago... but it was even a little boring. 

I am happy for my friend, this is an oportunity for her to recognize it's time to grow up and take control of her life now, she owns her entire life now. I really hope everything works out for her; even if we're getting different kinds of people now that we're completely adults, I really wish her well. 

Her dad invited us for lunch (only because he wanted to compete with the mom of my friend, they're divorced). We went to a nice restorant and I had a big nice meal... call me silly but I really enjoyed my green spaghetti and my frappe lemonade.

Then he took us, all six ot us, for dessert. We had this delicious chocolate cake with cherries. After all, he realize that it was his daugther's graduation day, a one thing in a life time event... sort of...

 So, basically, it was a good…

But why

Tomorrow is one of my best friends graduation from college... at 11:00 am; and that's not the only thing that annoys me, but the fact that I had to go to the University that kicked me out almost two years ago. I should have my degree by now... and going there pisses me the fuck off. I can't help it. And I hate fucking graduations. I don't want to go!

Also in the nigth she wants to go for dinner (great! spending more money I don't have!) and then she's having a party at her house... fuck my life. I can't help be stressed out just by thinking in spending some hours with her dumb umbearable loser friends.

 So, tomorrow I'm gonna be drunk... better if I start at 11 am.

I’ve been feeling weird lately

and by weird I mean depressed as fuck.