Mostrando entradas de mayo 19, 2012
My college friend, Luna, came over today for a visit with her two months old baby daughter. It was a strange visit since neither of us would ever portrayed us in that sort of situation. I didn’t know what to do most of the time. It was the most awkard visit I've ever been in. Anyhow, although we know hard times are ahead, we can trust each other, we can both call ourselves very good friends. 
Lately I’ve been a bit hormonal and bitter and more depressed than usual; a total lack of interest in anything I’d rather name it. 
My little cousins are staying over tonight, my mother loves to take care of them even if it’s never a very reguarding task... for me the most as they’re staying in my room. Wich I hate. Maybe I’m just a non-considerated hateful little bitch who really dislikes to sleep with children, I migth be just that, I’m only human… But I really hate it. It makes me twice the angry than the fact that my mother already is sleeping with me every night. 
In addition, it’s star…