Mostrando entradas de septiembre 29, 2011

I can't help myself

Today I went to my brother's friend, Melchor, to hang out a while. Luckily, his sister, Gaby, was there so I wasn't that bored after all. She gaves us chocolate cacke and I ate two burgers earlier... Now I have to work out A LOT tomorrow.

She's cool, we said we'd do a lot of things together like... she would teach me how to bake cookies and I'd show her how to do cupcakes; we would go to my brother's gig, I invited her to my Halloween party (wich I plan to be Magenta or a Transexual Transylvanian... but most importantly, she said she's got a Nintendo 64 back home and I have Mario Kart! I'm fucking playing Mario Kart again soon!