Mostrando entradas de junio 8, 2012

Not so cool convention

Yesterday we had another convention: A Monster convention. It wasn’t cool like the other we have had because we have a different teacher now. 

 Anyhow, my monster was Lestat, I show them the movies Interviw with the Vampire and The Queen of the Damned and the IWTV book because I wasn’t really going to take all the Vampire Chronicles. And as a souvenir, I took lollipops with fangs and I wrotr “Suck on it!!” on them, and punt them into a coffin shape box. I’m so corky.

But them we ate pizza... so that part was good... sort of... well, there was only one pizza and six of us. Maybe because of that, I ate chinese food and chicken when I got home... and after this, I ate more chicken.