Mostrando entradas de mayo, 2013

Ages ago

Woah, the sister of one of my best friend sent me this a while ago. This is me and some other friends when we were making our first communion back in catholic school. 
I was maybe 11 years old. 
 (I hardly talk to my friend now, and stop talking for good to the other one, gladly!) 

 I loved my dress.

Now I smell like a free bitch, baby!

My dad had a heart attack yesterday afternoon. But he’s actually not my father. He’s one of the four brothers of my mom who took care of me when I was a little girl (and still do). He passed out while driving, crashed his car againts another, luckily a firefighter was passing by while the other car ran way the scene. My uncle got helped, and in his few moments of conciousness he wishper his brother’s name: the doctor of the family. They took it to the hospital, where it was very difficult to stabilize him, went into surgery but they couldln’t help him since his arteries where too damaged and blocked. Apparently, he should have been in some sort of pain for the las month, but never said anything, never complained but for a stomachache. I went to the hospital today, they let me in for a few minutes, he cried as soon as he saw me, he misses us very much, he doens’t like being all lone in intensive coronary care. My other uncle got me out the room since he can’t bare any emotions right n…

Guess where I'm going?

Fuck yes!

Thank you card

This is what my boss gave to us the day before the presidencial elections: it’s a card thanking us for our good work, it came along with a nice t-shirt. It was a nice gesture since our former boss didn’t even manifested himself… ever… 

The bracelet

Been wearing this for over three weeksnow in order to enter the building where I worlk. People stare at me in thesubway...

Red Velvet

Amazingly, mother invited me to have lunch today (she told my cousin to come along to reduce the tenssion I’ ‘guess). But we really had a good time since we don’t really hang out much lately. I’ve been working all day long for the past two months so I think she might miss me a little?

I had an "asian salad" that I don't even know what it had of asian... it had almonds... and chicken... idk. I got and extra barbecue sause so I made a really weird tasty salad.

Then we went to this spot, Polka Dots, where they sell mini cupcakes (now I know what to do when I'm old) and I got this cute little box with four little cupcakes: brownie, carrot, coconut and red velvet.

It was my first red velvet EVER. I know, I shoud me ashamed.