Mostrando entradas de marzo 3, 2012

We tried

My girl Fefy is out of town. Out on vacation. So yesterday she invited us to her place to get wasted because: first, she ended up her career as a fashion designer by dropping out from the institue; second, she got into psycology school in college, and third, she's going away for a month or so. 

 So we gathered and actually had a lot of fun. The planets aligned perfectly so we could have a pretty awesome night together. We decided to try this shot calles "Alien zombie brain" or so. 

But we didn't had any of the correct drinks to do it but the cherry syrup. Still we were pretty optimistic about pulling the drink off, so our friend try his best to assemblage it. Instead we use vodka, orange syrup, Beily's and rum. That disgustingly looking bevarage was the result. Althought was very unattractive it was very tasty and sweet.

As usual Vanessa fed us homemade pizza and try some fun drinks with strawberry ice cram (not very popular). By midnight we were pretty much alr…