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Party night... I hope...

Made the wrapping paper of a present because I was feeling a little crafty. Today it’s the birthday of the guitar player of my brother’s band. He got him a Batman tshirt and we’re supossed to go to a party tonight. Not in the mood at all, but I still must go, he’s a good friend.

This is me ready for our friend’s birthday party… I just have the slightless feeling it’s not going to be a fun one. So, this time simple black cat eyes and fake eyelashes… this are the most light lashes I have ever worn… and probbaly the longest ones too.

This is the card… it could have been better. I really wanted to do a nice little draw but my body wasn’t cooperating with me… I was just dying from lazyness… still am.

This is how the gift turned out… nice artesanal wrapping papper, haha. I just gave up on ideas so I made a bowe… or try to made a bow with a sequence ribbon.