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Wedding march for a bullet

Went to my first wedding yesterday. There was a chocolate in our table telling us where to sit. This detail was kinda cute because the bride is a nutricionist, and the chocolate had nutricional info like 100% love… I don’t know. This was original y suppose.

Went with my aunt. The wedding was supossed to start at 2:00 p.m. but it really begun two hours later. Of course I spent my money in my new dress and in my hair… of course.

I forgot to take a proper picture of me in my new dress. Oh, well… but I got to wear my 15 cm high heels, yay! Amazingly, my back didn’t hurt at all.

Apparently, those people tried to do a different wedding. By example, there was no cake, but cupcakes that looked like little wedding cakes. And the little broom and bride were rather unusual too: the groom was tied up and the bride had a scissor cutting the man’s hair. This was so because the bride cuts her husbands hair regularly… what I don’t know is if it’s by force. 

 If you ask me, there was no grace or taste…