Mostrando entradas de junio 1, 2013

Time to erase some photos from my phone

Nowadays my phone might be considered obsolete... and is acting like obsolete. So I was forced to erease a lot of pictures I had storaged in it, and for my sake, I did it. So here there's the first lot that I call: 
Comando Nacional Simón Bolívar:

I took some picture while I was working for the presidential elections. I've been in the campain headquarter for the last three months. Now it's not that much fun as it used to be (because the campaing is over now), but here there are some (few) pictures of where I was and what I saw... mostly.

This first group was from 14-A, the same election day. I was at the press room, where the internacional journalist were and where the press conference were given. There's my press ID and the media that was there.

This second group, is from some politicians being interview by the national and international media.

This was the entry of the headquarter... sadly only for a few days.

Surprinsingly, one of the chfief of the campaing headquar…