martes, 29 de mayo de 2012

The sign

I just quickly made this sign for my 6’1” and 300 pounds brother who is afraid of butterflies. He just hanged it in his bedroom door.

30 Day Clothing Challenge

This is my closet, I mean: Half of my closet. I share it with my mom, and she -of course- has taken over the most of it. So I only have almost half of the closet, two drawers and the upper compartiment... the rest is my mother's useless shit and a lot of clothes she doesn't wear.

30 Day Clothing Challenge
  1. Your closet.
  2. Your favourite shirt.
  3. A piece of clothing or jewelry that was a gift
  4. A shirt that you haven’t worn yet.
  5. Your favourite pair of jeans.
  6. A pair of pants that aren’t jeans.
  7. A cute outfit of yours.
  8. Your most expensive article of clothing.
  9. A cute dress/ skirt.
  10. An outfit you wore on a special day.
  11. A piece of jewelry that a Grandparent gave you.
  12. A piece of jewelry that everyone complements you on.
  13. An outfit you wish you had.
  14. Cute socks.
  15. Your newest purchase.
  16. You and someone wearing matching clothes.
  17. An article of clothing that you made or altered.
  18. A piece of jewelry that you made.
  19. All your earrings, rings, necklaces and/or bracelets.
  20. Your jewelry box.
  21. Something that you only wear around the house.
  22. Something you only wear in the summer.
  23. An article of clothing/ accessory that you consider lucky.
  24. Your favourite pair of shoes.
  25. Shoes you love but hardly wear.
  26. A mismatched outfit that you’d never wear (go wild: earrings, belts, crazy skirts etc).
  27. A hat.
  28. An outfit you are ashamed to say you wore.
  29. Something that is your favourite brand.
  30. Something from your favourite store.

This is what happened to me this morning. I couldn't sleep one bit last night, maybe it was because it was too hot. But I was having a meeting today for a job and I felt so miserable that I couldn’t go, I have to call and cancelled it because I really felt like a mess. You have any idea hoe is to feel like shit that you can't even get out of bed?