Mostrando entradas de julio 5, 2012


This is happening to me right now. Thank gawd I have my onw private doctor at home (my uncle who lives with me). 

The thing is, once every two months or so since the last year, I get this pain just behind my ribs, and it extends to my diafragma and my dorsal back. Now I’ve had have it two days in a row very late at noght. That’s why I needed a pain killer. Now, my uncle guess it’s a muscular thing; but from what I’ve read it’s most likely a stomach ulcer. Sometimes I feel like throwing up but he says it’s because of the medication… I don’t know. The weird thing is that the pain is so sporadic, and I don’t really eat badly or heavily… So I’ll have to consider it could be emotional or caussed by stress. Fuck my life.