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I've been meaning to write more

But there's a bunch of candy on the keyboard... so...


I was thinking deeply about that tittle I've chosen for this entry. At first it might be considered shallow: the fact that someone's life depends so much on a machine (by free choise) it can be... well, I don't know; it really doesn't get into the life style of anyone who has dreamed about a perfect life and the definition of "living". But then, I remember that I have chosen to canalize most part of my life trought the Internet. 
Trought that machine I learn about the world, I express myself, I watch tv, read the news, get in touch with friends, see movies, EVERYTHING. This is my scape and my reality.
SO my life depends on a computer? Well, maybe not my life but my life style. Because I have chosen this way and no other way.
Nobody could ever tell me my life is less valuable that any other life style.
So, yes, it's very valid when I have a almost-stroke when this happens to my computer.

My Wendigo

Look at my wendigo! ha-HA! Well... it¿s not actually a... I mean... I... Oh, gawd I am so obsesssed, I need help.

Daidalos's new logos

After all this time waiting to launch these. Finally we had the chance, these new logos are pretty cool, but specially the badge. They're all excited about the badge.

“Of course I am not worried about intimidating men. The type of man who will be intimidated by me is exactly the type of man I have no interest in.”  — Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, TedxEuston

Well... you know, the kinda things i do

This is what we did (and we I mean ME) to our boss office the day of her birhtday. A year has passed... what a bugger,

This is what I spent my mony on: nick nacks and shennanigans

Although this ring is PRETTY cool.

Fairies small containers for... well, I don't really know...
A huge bag of little donnuts

I'll still eat that

This is what people from work and I do at work: take two boxes of pizza and throw them all togheter in the microwave,
Why do I always have to be sick… can’t breathe very well right now.

I’ve been feeling like my hearth’s gonna blow up

I feel like a stabbing in my stomach, my lungs burn, it’s hard to breathe, my arms are getting numb, I’m getting cramps in my legs, and my muscles are shivering. 
Welcome back, pannic attacks… all over again. 
 (It’s that or I’m having a stroke) 
 Why am I having a pannic attack? I have no idea… no stress, no nothing lately… I was having a regular calm life and now this.

Might be a little jelly


My body is seriously trying to kill me

This is me dying from cold at work. I don't know if I'm having tension problems or it's my asma. But I'm feeling weird... last night I did some excercise and it went well... so I don't know what's wrong with me.

Good bye RCTV

This pictures where sent to me by an old journalist from the now totally closed RCTV. These were the rooms where the journalist worked and one of the master rooms of the building. The oldest tv channel andthe first of Venezuela closed last year forever.

Another birthday party

Last Sunday was my little cousing 7th birthday. I got her a set of tea, and a Barbie... but she also got a laptop and an android phone... this made me deeply depressed.

Time to erase some photos from my phone

Nowadays my phone might be considered obsolete... and is acting like obsolete. So I was forced to erease a lot of pictures I had storaged in it, and for my sake, I did it. So here there's the first lot that I call: 
Comando Nacional Simón Bolívar:

I took some picture while I was working for the presidential elections. I've been in the campain headquarter for the last three months. Now it's not that much fun as it used to be (because the campaing is over now), but here there are some (few) pictures of where I was and what I saw... mostly.

This first group was from 14-A, the same election day. I was at the press room, where the internacional journalist were and where the press conference were given. There's my press ID and the media that was there.

This second group, is from some politicians being interview by the national and international media.

This was the entry of the headquarter... sadly only for a few days.

Surprinsingly, one of the chfief of the campaing headquar…