Mostrando entradas de mayo 7, 2012

Road trip!

On Sunday I traveled with my borther’s band to another state for their first gig in another city! (like a good groupie, of course). We had to get up at 4 am to be at the bus station at 6. Our bus left at 6:45 for the five hour trip. I could sleep only for an hour before leaving, still I couldn’t sleep one bit in the bus, I really like to watch trough the window as we go on. I’m sure this have some kind of psicologycal explanation.

I put on ridiculous long fake lashes… that’s why I got up at four am. I’m sure that’s why people looked at me a bit shocked (more than usual, I mean). We had a mandatory stop for half an hour, I had breakfast even tho I wasn’t hungry, but the way left was still long, so…

We arrived t something like 11 am. So we went to the shore and I took some pictures of them. Some of them were really escited about seeing the sea and the ships because they have never been in that city… I really don’t know it much so I couldn't take them to nice places. 
 The gig was …