Mostrando entradas de abril 22, 2012


So last Sunday we were invited by Diego to this club to celebrate his birthday. We hung out in the pool almost all day. Remember when I used to take swiming lessons but I really never knew if I could in fact swim because the water level was no much more over my chin? Well, now I know I can really swim! This pool was ridiculously deep and I didn’t drown ha-ha in fact I swan free style for a while. 

 Now I am soooo tan and my shoulders and face are red and stain even that I applied sun block like a maniac. We had a good time!

As usual I spent all my money in food (actually my brother and I spend all our money in taxy cabs because we live so into the west of the city that everything is so far way from home, the subway doesn’t get everywhere, and the city is very dangerous at night) but it was money well spent because I was so full and happy. 

 Then we went to play bowling, I didn’t played because I was really tired but watch my friends play is as fun as actually playing. The weird thin…