Mostrando entradas de febrero, 2013

Back at home

My surgery was a success. Now I have a galbladder less and three more little scars. I’m in a little pain now so I’ll get some rest now.


I’m off now! Gotta sleep a little since tomorrow’s my surgey. Luckily I’ll be back on Wednesay. Wish me luck!

Just because

Changed my Twitter picture (or better said here’s a gratuitous photo of me).



As my hair is straight I'm gonna wear a french twist even if my hair's too damn long (mind my old Metallica t-shirt that I'm not throwing it away).

Four eyes

Got new green contact lenses! I have been wearing grey or blue for thirteen years or so now. It's not of a much difference but I like them aniway. My miopia got a little worse by the way, and apparently I have antogmatism too. Oh, bugger.

It doesn't really shows the difference that much between my contatcs and my natural boring-brown eyes. I might buy some ridiculous purple color next time then.

It's very sutil... and I am everything but sutil (but I do notice my eyes look bigger).

I also got new regular glasses because the contacts won't help me with all my problems. I really like them but I couldn't find the cat eye shapped ones I've been looking for.


This morning before leaving for the toast (by the way, I wore the black outfit).

Today was the toast in our honor, the almost graduated journalists (among other less important people from other majors). I wore the black outfit (thank you, Tumblr!) with a little modification… I have no idea how on earth I look so thin in this picture but I’m not questioning that what so ever. I wore my little 5 cm heels but now my tights are sore like hell. Woe is me. 
So I’m there with the two cool guys from my class and our lovely and über classy promotion godmother.

This is most of my class with the rector of the University and our favorite teacher from the last semester. I have no clue why in all the pictures they took of me I am always holding a glass of wine, I didn’t even drink red wine, people just told me to hold their glasses and left them abandoned with me.

Then we went to this restaurant, Catar, and had lunch together… we asked for the waiter to took a picture of all of us, and in the mean…

What to wear

I have no idea what to wear for tomorrow’s toast. This is the situation: Tomorrow the University is giving us a toast because we are all getting graduated. It’s in the morning, from 10:00 am to 11:30 am. And I have no clue what to wear. I mean, in real life both look even worse than in the pictures, the black dress is actually a black crossed top with a black pencil skirt joined together by the waist with a belt.. I look like I’m wrapped in Dracula’s curtains and the grey leopard dress is just too short., and if I wear it without the betl I look 8 months pregnant.. What do you think?

But why

It's past 2 am and I'm soing my hair and my make up. What am I doing with my life...

Comic me

My best friend’s been making this and publishing them on FB. I cannot complain, it’s entirely me. I love that crazy cat lady friend of mine.

One of those edgy days

That edgy day when I had breakfast out and wore my hair in a pony tail... because my life it's so interesting.

This is what I did for my family today for Valentine's Day


Last one

This is a picture of the class celebrating the last test we were taking at Uni. It was a law test, even the teacher wanted to get into the pic. Can you spot me? I see this and I am so happy I'll never take a test in my life again.


I’ve been doing a big craft bird for my little cousin’s assingment from school.

My mother told me that she was going to do this project for my little cousin since my mom’s a complete idiot and my cousin’s mother is a complete useless clot. But when she told me she needed my help I inmediately knew she meant that I was supossed to DO the whole thing by myself.
 It’s pointless for me to say no, so in order to save me a big scene of full drama from my mother I just nooded.

The whole project was to make a Condor on a hat. Why?… mind me and I didn’t even ask because I don’t really care. 
So I made the body out from modeled newspaper sheets, brought all togeteher with ducktape, then added a thick coat of toilet papper and white glue. Let it dry all night. The next day I painted it all black and added black stripes of pappers all over the wings as feathers. 

Then hot-glued the damned animal on top of the hat. It turned out really awesome. I've never done a bird before.

It really looks …

Party off

On Friday some e classmates did a really weird party to celebrate the end of the semester, and the end of our studies at Uni. It was weirs because there was more strange people in that party than our own classmates.

 Anyhow. Remember I have a galbladder problem… well… I drank whiskey, rum with artificial blueberry juice and Gaterorade, ate a whole bag of chips and japanesse pueanuts. I died. And with that I mean I puke my life out in that poor boy-host bathroom. All over my jeans, my necklaces, the floor, the toilet, his dirty laundry… all over it. I lost all my dignity on that white floor. But of course I tried nobody notice it by cleaning it up, all I had was toilet paper so I hope until this day he doesn’t know I did such a gigantic and embarassing mess. 
 Because of that I mstly believe I have caused myself an ulcer in my stomach because after three days of terrible pain, my belly still stains like hell. I really deserve all that pain after all the disaster I made. This week …