Mostrando entradas de 2012

Now I’m gonna post some pictures of me being absolutely awesome in our New Year’s Eve party

I never had a little black dress before, because, well I'm too damn huge. Still, I might not look the best in it but it made me feel so freaking FABULOUS. Every girl should have a tight little black dress. Or is it maybe the mirror is always liying to me, at least from my perspective this dress fits quite well. But then again, I have vision problems.

Anyhow, I wouldn't change the feeling of awesomnes this dress gives me; specially with a pair of riculous high pump that makes people ask you to sit down so they could take a picture with you without feeling like a hobbit. I don't need heels, I'm 1.80 mts tall, but I could always be 15 cm taller, right?.

Anyway, carrying on with the New  Year's eve family party: I put on some bunny ears and star glasses to rock and roll. Eevery year, me and my family get this props to have a little bit more fun at the party and get funny pictures of ourselves while we dance the "crazy hour" together. Wich is cool because this…

PLanning ahead, right?

This is what I’m wearing for the New year’s party tomorrow nigth. I can’t breathe much in this but at least it doesn’t look too bad.


I went to this fair and waste all my money. But I’m pleased. I found pretty cool things!

And I got myself a Heath Ledger's Joker poster that I have to frame (I'm a little old to hang poster in my bedrom walls I think); and got my brother a Don Ramón t-shirt.

He flipped.

I found these pretty eggs! I have no idea what are they for but aren't they cute?! Then I got some facial lotion for mother. It0s funny how she always complains about the present I get her but never says anything bad about the anti-wrinkles facial lotions I usually buy her.

Why does she has to be such a strange person.

I love you... new laptop

I forgot to tell you: This beautiful thing is what my mother got me for Christmas. And I fucking deserver it since she's been a pain in the ass this whole year.

So say "Hello" to mi lil' friend! Really... she gets quite emocional when she's ignored.

This is love

I haven't show you the christmas card my brother made me. It's so hillarious I even cried from laughter. I love that big bald dummy. 

 "You wanna know why... because fuck you" xD

Xmas showtime

Look what my brother got me for Christmas… It’s a very cool gift; but what the fuck am I gonna do with it. I love him for this tho.

I can't stop myself

Went shopping today.


Yesterday was my last class at Uni of this year. We had our class in a little room and drank whiskey... it's good to be almost done.


I am so very much specially pissed off.

You know y computer died a couple of months ago, so my aunt gave me hers as an allowance. So today I came home and find my little godson playing in my room by himself and the screen of my aunt's laptop broken and with a big fucking line all across the touch screen. 

I am going to fucking die.

 So I said to my mother what my godson has done, just to let her know that it's her fault for letting him play in my room without supervision but actually without telling her... you know. And then she started to yell at me that he didn't do it and it's in fact MY FAULT for lending stuff up. 
 I tried to reason with her, telling that it's fucking senseless what she just said, that wasn't my intention to telling his mother because she's gonna severily ground him; but all that I wanted is a little help with the money because it's gonna be imposible for me paying for reparations. 
 She lost it and started to yell at me even more …

Look what I found! Aren't these cute?!



My uncle just got back from a vacation trip and brought me this. I can't say I like it much but it was a lovely gesture.

HAve said that...
What the fuck is that?

Haven't bake in a long time

Bked brownie cupcakes for my uncle’s birthday. This is the last left… not for long! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!

Mandatory annual reunion

Yesterday I went to a college friend’s lunch. We were three inseparable friends the first three years of the career. But them one of us, Diana, decided to course visual media, but Luna and I took journalism in press. We aren’t really that close anymore but I have a lot of love for the two of them. Specially because Diana is working all day long and we don’t get a lot of chance to really speack much; and Luna is raising her daugther, so she’s in another thing. An me, I’m just finishing Uni. It’s gonna be all over soon.

As we were having lunch at her place, I meant to take some drinks, but instead I git a bunch of desserts. Nobody complained we were drinking water.

By the end of the evening Diana gave me a Christmas present! Yay! The first o the year! (Of course I gave her a present too).

It's near!

Today I satrted wrapping my Christmas presents, I was thinking about recycling so I grabbed old newspapers and old neon colored sheets to make bows. I loved how they turned out. But them my mother comes along and starts yelling at me that this looks hiddeous and people's gonna think I'm poor or cheap... then she said something like she didn't want her present wrapped like this. 

I don't even know why do I bother to buy her anything. I still like it and will deliver my presents just wrapped like these. If she doesn't want a present she can return it. Sometimes (always) my mother doesn't know how to communicate with tother people...

Daidalos shoot

Some weeks ago the band made this free photoshoot. Some of the pictures where TERRIBLE... but what can you spect when things are for free. Some of then got really good pics. But still, remind me not to take free things again, waste of time.

Then I said to the man just sing with your watermark and we're good to go. and he comes and put's this hiddeous camera like a goddamn sticker in the corner. WHAT. Why.


My dear aunt's birthday is near, so I went out shopping for her gift to find this Stephen King's book she has been looking for. I wonder if my aunt it's some kind of psycopath in the making.

 And of course, had to get something for myself.Buying stuff and no job... my savings are screaming for help.


Ser mánager de una banda puede tener sus ventajas. No es que yo sea una persona que me guste aprovecharme de los demás, o sea una concurrente bromista. Pero ellos saben que todo lo que les digo es por su bien y sin mayor discusión es mejor que consideren en gran medida hacerlo. 

Para demostrarlo, cuando el guitarrista estaba ensayando, durante plena canción, le metí las mangas de los pantalones en las medias. No dijo media palabra, sólo me miró y con resignación dejó que le tomara unas fotos. Nunca se arregló las medias e incluso se fue así a su casa.

Es mejor que no me lleven la contraria ¡Muajajajajajajajajajaja! ¿Qué he hecho yo para merecerme esta fama?

Oh, my...



I've been making these.  I have a lot of work to do for uni, but I've been making theese.


But then I found this cool perfect case for his guitar... it cost me pretty penny so I'm broke now. Again...
It's huge and heavy and graceless, but usefull. specially because he's always on the subway carrying his enormous pedal too.

Not quite

Last weekend I had a meeting with the designer who's remaking the band's logo. He definetly did not catch anything we want at all. I really dislike this design.