Mostrando entradas de junio 29, 2013


I was thinking deeply about that tittle I've chosen for this entry. At first it might be considered shallow: the fact that someone's life depends so much on a machine (by free choise) it can be... well, I don't know; it really doesn't get into the life style of anyone who has dreamed about a perfect life and the definition of "living". But then, I remember that I have chosen to canalize most part of my life trought the Internet. 
Trought that machine I learn about the world, I express myself, I watch tv, read the news, get in touch with friends, see movies, EVERYTHING. This is my scape and my reality.
SO my life depends on a computer? Well, maybe not my life but my life style. Because I have chosen this way and no other way.
Nobody could ever tell me my life is less valuable that any other life style.
So, yes, it's very valid when I have a almost-stroke when this happens to my computer.