Mostrando entradas de febrero 9, 2012

Graduation day

Today was my friend's graduation. It was nice, I thougth the ceremony was gonna get into my nerves since I had to had my degree more than a year ago... but it was even a little boring. 

I am happy for my friend, this is an oportunity for her to recognize it's time to grow up and take control of her life now, she owns her entire life now. I really hope everything works out for her; even if we're getting different kinds of people now that we're completely adults, I really wish her well. 

Her dad invited us for lunch (only because he wanted to compete with the mom of my friend, they're divorced). We went to a nice restorant and I had a big nice meal... call me silly but I really enjoyed my green spaghetti and my frappe lemonade.

Then he took us, all six ot us, for dessert. We had this delicious chocolate cake with cherries. After all, he realize that it was his daugther's graduation day, a one thing in a life time event... sort of...

 So, basically, it was a good…