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Long time no see

Yesterday my best friend let me a message on FB: she wanted to se us -her friends- because it has been quite a while since we don’t gather. This morning I got a call from my friend’s mom, telling me that I was invited to a little reunion at her house, she even told me my friend didn’t knew she was calling me. I kind of had second thoughts, because the lady is sick, bipolar to be more specific; but she sounded so well that I didn’t see anything wrong with paying them a visit. 
 I’ve been there with them before with her mom sick and all, it hasn’t been a big of a deal. So I went and my friend was so surprised -and annoyed that her mother called people to come over-, but in general she was very happy with me there. 
 We didn’t talk of lot’s of important things because her mother was there all the time listening to us, and her gradma was there too, but we share some time together and that’s just fine. I know she needed a break. 
 So we did the usual: eating. She gave me this homemdade st…