Aw-kwards of today's journey

Today I got to the meeting with this Uni teacher (I have never seen classes with him, by the way) because we wants me to help him with his web site. So he picked me up in my house (first awkward thing) and we had our meeting in his house (aaaaawkward); but first he left me alone in his little studio while he had lunch, so I was just siting there all by myself feeling so weird... really weird.

(Can I HATE my new phone's camera quality?)

Ad then he asked me to check his PC and laptop out and both desks were like this. Then I had a major stress episode because of it.

I know old people don't know much about technology but do they have to make such mess?!

But at the end of the day I found out the guy is really cool and very smart... he likes pretty much everything! And I love people like that, wo have more likes than hates. It's obvious he has good taste, at least in music.

He had cool things in his house like this mirror wich I'm totally in love with. Finally, he sent me home in a cab wich he payed because his car was making weird noises... Told the driver: "Take her home sane and complete, please" and gave him the money. And then I was sitting there all by myslef in the back seat when I got a call from him asking me if I was ok and that I had to sent him a sms when I got home. Wich I did... feeling awkward of course.

Now let me twll you something: I tried not to be such a pain in the ass telling him repeteadly to drop me off in a subway station; but he yelled at me: YES, THERE IT IS THE SUBWAY STATION AND OF COURSE I WILL DROP YOU THERE WHERE YOU WILL SPEND AN HOUR AD A HALF BEFORE YOU GET HOME. And I didn't say one more single word about it.