Today my thesis partner, Luna, and I went to Uni to deliver our work in the faculty and get the other copies stamped with the University and School logo. We'ra almost done with this goddamn thesis for good.

I don't miss classes at all. I wonder how depressing I'll be when I go back to finish my career and I get to be in those halls again. Fuck my life.

We have to expect a letter from the faculty. Next Thuesday it has to supposedly be arriving with the name of our jury. And then we have t chase them in order to give them stamped copies of our thesis. This is nonesense.

To celebrate we have a 300 pages weight less in our backs we went for cookies and then we went to the movies to watch THOR, mother fucking THOR (I am broke again but at lest I'm happy).

Apart from that mom gave me this Día de los muertos earings today.

And then she gave me little bags with granola, yay!