Friday night

Yesterday I got to hang out with my two best friends from Uni. I am not really used to g out on Friday nights. Anywaym it was an easy night at least, nothing wild.

Just chillin’ while my friends come to pick me up… I haven’t really go out on a Friday night in A WHILE.

We went to Friday’s to have dinner. We were there just talking ‘til 1 am.

Again I'm pennyless for buying food... but what the hell, I had a good time. This fucking drink is amazing.

And then we went to my friend Diana's house. When she opened the door a huge dog came out, and I tried to stop it but it started to bark at me and bit my hand. Thank you very much. Luckily it was nothing, it didn't hurt me; so we ended the night drinking rum and listening to old song from our childhood.

I had to ate a disgusting pizza made by Diana's mother, seriously, I don't know what the heel was on top of that thing. Finally everybody went to sleep and I was just there talking to my friend's little sister.

At 6 am I took off...