Requiescat in pace

My spine lesion is killing me. I can't stand, walk or lay back without feeling pain. I've been like this since Friday, and it's not only my back, is my legs and my hips... this is horrible.

I am terrified about the idea of getting surgery in my column, I may get someting in my legs as numbness or something like that because of the intervetion. But if my mom says so, I'll go for it, even if againts of what my doctors recommend me to do.

In other things, my friend told me this morning that a school partner of us died today in a car crash. His name was Alejandro, we get to study together for almost five years, we weren´t close, but he was a very cool guy and a verey smart journalist. He just graduated from Uni last year and was making an intership in one of the big TV networks here. Honestly, I always thought he'd had a great and bright future. I know nothing about the family, if he had siblings, a girlfriend... I can't even go to the funeral because I'm nearly dying myself here.

Sometimes life's unffair, you know.