I'm feeling better now! Maybe I just had to have a miserable weekend...

One thing that pissed me off is my mom telling everyone: "She spent all night long awake in that computer; not because she was in pain, just because of that computer. The doctor told her she can't be all the time lying down! And I told her to go to the doctor today and she didn't wanted to..."

First of all, HOW IN GAY HELL COULD YOU EVER KNOW IF I WAS IN PAIN LAST NIGTH. This is the thing that bothers me the most. Really? Do you have some sort of magical/empathic powers that make you feel how other person feels? No? You see, I didn't think so. Actually, I WAS IN PAIN, and because I haven't been sleeping quite good recently -BECAUSE I'VE BEEN IN PAIN- that's why I felt asleep this morning.

2) What the fuck or where the fuck am I gonna do/go at 2:00 am? Seriously, I know I can't be in bed all the time but what am I supposed to do at 4:00 am when everybody is asleep. I tried to sit in my bed, watch tv, walk to the kitchen and back, spent a while in the bathroom listening to music... but somehow it seems totally wrong for you that I, the insomniac/ill/irresponsible person spends all night in the computer because is the only goddamn thing to do. Maybe for you, what I had to do was standing in a corner in the dark looking to the void. Wow, that sounds hell of a fun!

3) What exact doctor told me I can't be lying down? In some point of my numbness caused by the electrifying pain in my spine I spoke to an imaginary doctor. Well, I'm sorry, my bad, I don't remember that moment. Or maybe I'm just doing the opposite of what the imaginary doctor told me with the oly purpose to make you mad.

4) I'm not going to your friend doctor because he strech me and do this rouge "massages" on me and since I have a vertebrae column lesion! and from what other two doctors have told me: DO NOT GET YOUR SPINE STRECH OR HANDLE ROUGHLY... maybe that's why I didn't want to go to that doctor just because MAYBE he might get things worst for me. It's not like I haven't explain you that, but somehow I'm not a reasonable person while in a horrible pain refuses to go to a "specialist" doctor.

But all I did was rest for almost three days, and I'm feeling better now.