No sunny day

OH, what this could be? This is the unfortunate sight I got to have this morning when I got stuck in the elevator in my way to the doctor. Luckily I wasn't trapped inside for much time, some people notice and startled the building guard. It was a lot of fun, obviously.

Today was not a good day: I went from a doctor's office to another -I'm starting to despite waiting rooms- spent all the money I had in cabs and in my cellphone, wich by the way got all fucked up today and... I don't even. I still had to do a lot of papper work to deliver to the clinic, the insurance company, find out about the prosthesis and pay another visit to my doctor to finally find out when's gonna be my surgery, because diligences are my favorite part of being an adult woman.

The only nice part about today was my mom giving me new silicone spatulas and a sunflower mold for baking. Guess I'll be making a cake tomorrow then.