I just went to the clinic to have what I wish will be the last test before my surgery, so I had to walk by this park nerby home. I haven’t walkek trought there since maybe six years; and the whole place is now a fucking jungle. It’s just too damn sad.

I am just pissed off about how this comunity left a fine space like this area to a complete lost and andandonment. It’s just ridiculous. This still could be a place where children could play, people take out their pets, mayve elderly people spent some time undre the sun, but instead now it’s a freaking dead area, no to mention even insecure, in fact, I could give both my arms there’s not even ilumination at nigth.

I remember going to parties in there when I was a child. Now this is completely lost. I’m so pissed off, I don’t even know what to do about it.