Today I woke up around 3 pm, since I fall asleep at 4 am that seems fair to me. Then they all tell me that my little cousin and his mom were waiting for me because they wanted me to "help" my little cousing on a bidimensional model of the solar system. Well, they left and before meeting me and left all the materials to me... it figures...

Now the thing is that they left me, I do't even know how it's called in english, this flexible mass in a lot of colors that you can model with. In my country we call it plastilina. I HATE modeling with plastilina, it's sticky, greasy, it stains paper and it gets all under my nails... it's disgusting.

Once you do a cshool project to your cousin you are pretty much fucked up, because next time they'll come again for you to "help" the little bastard. well, this helping thing is going quite strange since my cousin isn't even here. I'm a dumbass.

And if I even think about saying "No", my family let me now very clearly how hugebitch I am for not helping others.

When I was a child I remember my aunt actually helping me with my school projects. We sat and thought about the materials we'd use and how we'd do the whole thing. I actually like to do my womework by myself.

But now, mu cousin's mom pay to have made her son schol projects just to compite with other bitches in the school. Or she just brings shit to me because I'm a stupid who does it for free.

No wonder how kids are all fucked up this days, their moms are dumb bitches. This really bothers me (And it's not because she has no time: she doesn't work, she pays someone to clean her house, it's the fucking weekend...).