Charm night

This is one of the forms I had to sign to get the things all ready in the clinic before my surgery. It says: I exempt the clinic if I get pregnant in the future since this is a dangerous procedure.

That really makes you wonder what the fuck they do to you while you're passed out on anesthetics.

Yesterday me all my friends got together at Vanessa's to have dinner before I get my surgery and mostly because we haven't seen each other in a long time ago. She made us lasagna! Yay! My favorite!

It was nice being all togeteher just laughing and being happy. Like the old times.

Vanessa also baked us a fuckiung delicious chocolate cake... You cannot believe how good this was.

Then we sat and watched some pictures from my friend Vanessa's new short movie.

Another friend showed us her paitings... this is my favorite one. AMAZING

Finally we watched Ninja assasin til dawn… you know you enjoy watching a crappy movie with your friends.