Graduation day

Today has been a long day: I woke up at 6:30 am to do the make up of my darling cousin who graduated from chool today; then her mom, her sister and I attended to the graduation act; I finally got to use my polka dot hand purse with the closest to dots shoes I have. I'm happy because of this.

That was an awful graduation act. we had tickets, but all the chairs were taken when we arrived. I asked politely to some teacher if he could get me a seat because I recently had a spine surgery... he said "It's not my problem". I then, very politely, replied: What is the sense to have tickets if you are terrible at organizing. Thank you for nothing. I will sit on the floor. And so I did; didn't get to watch a thing... and the speech of the "best student" of the promotion was hideous, it looks like they were terrible students and they have no intentions in keeping that as a secret.

That's me and my cousin, I love her deerly. I oly have a twin brother so I consider her like my little sister. She was so happy that she cried, and then her sister cried... and then their mother cried, and I was just there remembering how I just wanted to end school and never see those people again. I have acomplish that very well.

Then the four of us when to have some breakfast. It wasn't very pleasent... she and her sister started to fight for some little stupid things.

Then my aunt sent her flowers that totally took her by surprise.

And then I invited her along with my brother and other cousin to Friday's. Now I am officially broke... but I still have to be home for my recovery so what should I care. Now on I'm definetly making juices like this: a little bit of Piña colada, strawberry and banana, yum!

I've been on a diet for a while now because of my spine problem, and I've been told I look like I've lose a few pounds... well, now it doesn't matter beause just gained them all. But I an't tell you how happy food makes me... now I gotta continue losing weight.