I'm back

My surgery was a succes even I’m as sore as hell.

I’m “alive” after two inter vertrebrae discs less and 15 clamps plus in a 20 cm wound. It doesn’t really hurt that much, what I can’t stand are the cramps in my legs, they’re killing me. SO FUCKING ANNOYING.

That's me rigth after my surgery, my cousing gave me a huge balloon... but why...

The first thing I ate was a really good vegetable soup ad the most disgusting jello on earth.

Look at the motherfucking size of that wound. I swear I felt better the first day than what I feel now... everything hurts.

They gave me this to sleep better... but I didn't work at all. I was very dissapointed.

Honestly, the best part of all of this was the food. Really, it was so good. I thougth it was gonn abe a lame "food for sick people" menu, but really it was really yummy. I even got lasagna and ice cream one day.