Museum of the keyboard

Today I went to my brother's gig at the Museo del Teclado. Now let me tell you why this is a lousy place to do a metal festival. First, the sound was TERRIBLE, is Dáidalos wouldn't have a sound technician they would have been in deep shit; besides this is a very small place to do this, specially because there are really old pianos everywhere. Two thing lowed the atmosphere, one was that the lights were always on, they should have been down for us the audience, and secondly, there were chairs... CHAIRS... in a metal gig... I rest my case.

This show was a complete sucess! This time they shared the stage with the debutants Madre Tierra, who did ok… three singers, the girl’s a mezzosoprano and the boy, well I didn’t really hear him, and some other dude who sang guttural . Now this dude really pissed me off, he also played the guitar but he played giving us his back the entire time. This is so fucking disrespectful and annoying.

The second band was this really goth band, three voices also, Amorea Mortus. They were terrible. I had the chance to listen to them once last Halloween; the sucked back then and now they’re even worse. I have no idea why they haven’t improved and why, most importantly, they haven’t noticed. A total nigthmare.

Then my brother’s band, Dáidalos, owned that mother fucking crowd. For real. They get better everytime they play. Fucking awesome.

Lastly, the band Anxurth hit the stage, they’re a black metal band. Now the voice of this guy is absolutely AMAZING. I don’t really like black metal, but I do like Dimmu Borgir, and this guy has the same ability with his voice. It’s breath taking.

Then this happened, I was looking for my brother to leave and this guy with black theet, who I catch looking at me while Dáidalos was playing and I was moving my head like crazy. So he told me I must be hot because I was sweating like a pig... and then I saw his theet, I freaked out with disgust.

I didn't want to be rude so I introduce myself and I was being nice but then he ask me for my phone number. I tild him I didn't have a phone wich is the biggest lie I could ever tell to anyone but still he wrote his phone number on my phanflet for the gig and told me he would be expecting my call.

I said that I had to go, said bye and left. Still his black rotten theet are hunting my mind. Gross.