Sunflower pt. II

Second day at the pool there was nothing to do but enjoy vacations, my aunt went with us so she always coocked for us, but usually we went out for food at least once a day.

I gotta tell you, YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW CHEAP CANDY IS in Margarita island. We bougth chocolates like crazy, this is only what I got… I couldn’t help myself.

In fact I had to choose between alcohol or candy, because vodka bottles were soooooo cheap as well; but I decided for candy bcause I figured it was going to be kinda difficult bringing glass bottles home.

I gotta tell you something… people from this island are so slow, they do everything with such calm… it made me mad, maybe because I’m from the capital city… but I had to wait maybe 45 min for a pizza. Trust me, being there watching how slowly theu’re making isn’t really good for my nerves.

Some other day we wen to visit Conejero market, wich everyone told me I had to go to, but it was really lame… a few hours later the ligths went off in the middle of my mom’s card transaction, so we went for lunch hoping the lights caome back… we waited almost two hours because we could paid for or food neither.

Some other day we went to visit some church, I obviously did not enter but just outside was a little market where I bougth a tiny ship and my grandma got me a pink stone ring.

Some other day we went to visit an hisctoric place, after I winned so much in order that we could go.

Seriously, I was a little mad because he had an schedule for ich day, but we never followed it. People got up late, my cousins took forever to get ready, they all wanted to go to the pool first.... I wanted to go to another castles and museums but all they said was "oh, it's too far away", although it was true, I don't get why we go on vacations if we're not going to visit some historical and famous places.

Anyhow, that'ss me and my family in the Santa Rosa castle in Asunción, it was an historical place but we had fun.

I have a so much of a tourist look. what can I do hahahaha

I really enjoy going to malls and shit, I really spent all my money there, now I don't even know how I'm gonna pay the rest of my therapy sessions. Anyway, here's what I got: a fan that I absolutely love, a lot of candy, an Eric Draven figurine, two bags, tons of lingerie, two tops and a sweater, a Mutant Teenagers Turtles Ninjas little battery fan, a Coal Chamber CD and a Rammstein one, a bracelet... and that's all I can recall right now.