Sunflower pt. III

Let me keep telling you about my vacations: In the middle of the week the ligths starting to went off for maybe two hour every day. And what one shall do when the ligths goes off (and you are stuck with your family by the way)? You, eat and drink and play cards under the ligths of candles.

So, the day of going home arrived; we had to take the 4:00 pm ferry on the Saturday, gladly our cabs arrived at 1:00 pm. The taxis I was in had this ad that i don’t even know why I find so fucking funny.

And after a while the driver told us that something odd from the island was this tree that has cactus growing on it. apparently the birds brought cactus seeds on the branches of the tree. I didn’t even know cactus can grow on top of trees.

So we arrived to the harbor maybe three hours earlier… but guess what, OUR SHIP WAS DELAYED TO THE NEXT DAY, to the 7:00 am trip. And they didn’t even let us know.

Fortunetly my mother and my uncle went rapidly to the offices of the disgrace called Conferry where they demanded accomodations for all the twelve of us since we had to wait another nigth to leave.

Fortunetly they took us to a five star hotel, the Hipocampus Vacation Club, just a few steps from the beach. It was very clear that was so fucking expensive so we enjoyed our little time there since we just know we were never gonna be in a five star hotel ever again... maybe if suddenly one of us becomes really famous and wealthy... like that is ever going to happen.

As we were supposedly leaving I was dress with jeans, one of my new belts, and long-leaved shirt and flats. Well, that's kind of a bad idea if you are going to the beach... where we went to have dinner, literally on the sand.

I ended up with my flats totally ruined, I was so hot that I was sweating like a pig.

I don't eat sea food, so even for me it's kinda ridiculous eating chicken nuggets on the beach, wich I did. But you know what I do like about the beach? Coconuts, specially coconuts drinks. I had a Coco loco wich was soooo yummy, something alike a coconut ice cream milk shake with vodka and something else... I don't know what that had but when I got to the hotel room I fall asleep at 8:00 pm and didn't even bother I had to sleep with my mom in the same bed.

Good thing because people from the hotel got us up at 4:00 am so we could get on time for our 7:00 am ferry.

So at 4:00 am we hit the road to go to the harbor to line up for our ferry, all the things related to the come back in the Conshittyferry still pisses me so much that I'm not even writing about it in order to not remember. The only thing about the line uo was that I bought a crabby magnet that I just got because it reminded me of Deadliest Catch. So I named it Choco.

We arrived to Puerto La Cruz in three hours, so we prepared for our still five hour road trip back home. On the road we bougth everything you just MUST buy in the venezuelan roads of the interior states: catalinad, panelas de san Joaquín, naiboa and suspiritos, my personal favorite after the catalinas. Let's say it was a sweet trip back home.