Sunflower pt.I

Now let me tell you about my trip. We took off last Monday at 7:00 am to a five hour road trip to another city to take a ferry to the island we went to for vacations. I didn't really matter the trip because I enjoy road trips; I always have for no particular reason.

But in the middle of the road we found that the freeway was close because of a protest (this is not rare in my country), we were stuck there for maybe three hours under the noon sun... al I thought was "I never go out and when I do this had to happen, of course". Because of that mu uncle had to drive faster, nothing good for my recently spine surgery.

We manage to get on time for our trip on the ferry at 4:00 pm, but the boat had a four hour delay... this was the top cherry of this nigthmare.

We were a group of twelve family members, including my 82 year-old grandma, this is why we couldn't go on an airplain. We had CONFERRY tickets, now this fucking service of ferry is one of the few services of the country... and because of this they are the shittiest service ever; we ended up leaving harbor at maybe 9:30 pm and the fucktards oversold tickets so we didn't have any seats! My mom had to look some for me, my gradma and for her and my aunt; the rest of my family did not had seats for a three hours trip.

Like us were a lot of people, some family with a lot of kids had to put a blnket on the floor to put the tired kids to some rest.

My three cousins, my brother, my uncle and his girlfriend with her two daughters had to sleep on the floor of that piece of thrash of Conferry boat. The so called three hour trip lastet more than FIVE HOURS, and nobody gave us any kind of answer.

People started to freak out, we were tired, in the midle of the ocean in the dark, with no air conditioner... I just... I don't even... I'm sitll so pissed off about Conferry. That was the worst night of my life.

That was all they were selling on the goddamn ferry, and so fucking expensive. Conferry thinks they can be the worst service because they have no market competition, they're really the only fucking boat that does that kind of journey. But that is not a reason to be the worst... this kind of behaviour and thinking is what got this country as the way it is.

The next day we saw on TV that they got a fine clearly because of the situation we just lived.

Anyway, we arrived to the island at maybe 3:00 in the morning, we got couple of cabs and founf out that where we were staying it was literally at the other side of the island... two more hours on the road...

We arrived at 5:00 am to a lovely set of little houses with a little pool in a corner. we stayed by the pool until the afternoon. You have no idea how many years had passed since I was even near a pool.

Luckily I didn't tan because I rubbed sunscreen all over myslef like a crazy every now and then.

Later than nigth we went to a big mall where I bougth my first Eric Draven figurine... it was soooooooo cheap that I just HAD TO buy it. Then we had burgers like dinner so it was a excelent day by me.

End of first day... I like happy endings.